Spice Market, India

Spice market merchants selling chillies and other spices.  Received from Dr Rajagopal from India.

UNESCO - Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Unesco for an Indonesian site - The Komodo National Park was sent by Mari as part of a priate forum swap.  Pity the white scuff of doom ruins the picture.

UNESCO - Sintra, Portugal

UNESCO site 'Cultural Landscape of Sintra', showing the Pena Palace which dates back to 1839.  The palace is one of the Portuguese wonders.

Fish, Pennsylania,USA State

Not quite sure why a Pennsylvania State card would have a Lionfish on it but it's still a great card, regardless.  Another one for my State Card Collection.  Thanks to Tanya in USA

Birds, New Zealand, multiiew

Marvelous bird multiview card from Lee in New Zealand. Cute little seal stamp too and one showing Maori rock art. Thanks Lee.

German Shepherd dog Maxi card, Hong Kong, China

An amazing Maxicard from Joe in Hong Kong.  German Shepherd Postcard and stamp matching on one side and a couple of great bird stamps on the other.  Thanks Joe

UNESCO - Kilawea Volcano, Hawaii. USA

UNESCO site Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, sent by Julia in Hawaii. Kilauea is one of the world's most active volcanoes.

Disneyland, USA

We've been to Disneyworld several times but never visited Disneyland so it was nice to get this card form Amanda in California. Pictured is Sleeping Beauty's castle with the swans in the moat.

UNESCO - St Michaels Church, Hildesheim, Germany

My UNESCO collection is getting bigger with the addition of this St Michaels church, Hildesheim card.  Sent by Katharina in Germany who tells me that it is almost 1000 years old and during the celebrations for it they put up scaffolding all around it, sadly.

Yuri Gagarin, Russia

A handsome Yuri card has been given a modern makeover and is a great addition to my collection.  Sent by Alexander in Moscow.

Elvis Presley, USA

Black and White Elvis Presley card sent by Grigori in America.  He tells me he is a huge Elvis fan and saw him play 3 times.  He said he was the most electrifying singer he ever saw perform.

Art - Frederic Leighton, Flaming June. Germany

Flaming June by the artist Frederic Leighton (1830-1896).  Painted in 1895, the year before he died.  This was sent by Sophia in Germany.

Windmills, The Netherlands

Sabine from the Netherlands sent me this card of the famous windmills of the Kinderdijk.

Art, Istanbul, Turkey

Alper is a Turkish postal worker and sent this card which commemorates Istanbul as 2010 European City of Culture.  He added a matching stamp too!

Native American Geronimo, USA

Great black and white card of Geronimo, Chief of the Apache Indians. Sent by Ryan in USA

Fish recipe, Serbia

A fishy recipe card from Judit in Serbia.  I usually intend to try the recipes on my postcards but this time I'm foiled as all the instructions are in Serbian.  I wonder what kind of fish it is...

Osprey bird, Belarus

Beautiful Fauna of Belarus card showing an Osprey in flight, from Tatiana in Belarus.

Kotovasiya cats, Belarus

Another great Kotoasiya card for my collection.  This one is called 'Friendship' and comes from Ekaterina in Belarus.  I wish I knew who the artist is.

Nouvelles chairs, Netherlands

There's something quite Gestalt about Nouvelles postcards.  This one shows Designer seating and comes from Caroline in The Netherlands. 

UNESCO - Tallinn Old Town, Estonia, Nightiew

A great UNESCO card from Anna in Estonia.  The info on the back just says Tallinn, Estonia but Anna confirms that it's an area in Old Town.


UNESCO - Group of Monuments at Mahabalipuram - Butter Ball, India

I already have this UNESCO site from another swap with Anaita but I couldn't resist this card showing the 'Butter Ball' in her albums so swapped for this one too.  The notes on the back say, " Firmly poised this butter ball recalls the mythological pranks of Krishna.

UNESCO - Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai, India

One for my UNESCO collection.  What a beautiful building!  It is the main train station in Mumbai, India.  It was previously named the Victoria Terminus but is now the Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminus.  
Received from Anaita who says that in the eyes of the people living in the city it is a crowded and bustling railway terminus and hardly a UNESCO site and it's sad that they don't pause to admire the beauty. 

Brescia, Italy, MultiView

I was hoping this Brescia, Italy card might be UNESCO but I don't think it is, sadly.  Still a nice MultiView though. Thanks Lissa.

Soviet Poster 1917, Russia

I love getting cards from Russia and am especially thrilled when they're Vintage Soviet/CCCP/USSR postcards.  LOVE them!  This one was printed in 1985 to honour the Soviet Armed Force Foundation in October 1917.  Thanks Marina!

Greetings from Lapland. Finland

Chilly looking Lapland card from Eliza in Finland.
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