Art - Walter Moras


Art - The Hunter in Winter Forest - Oil on Canvas by Walter Moras (1856 - 1925).

Thank you Valentina in Siberia, Russia



Multi-view, Germany


Multi-View from Ute in Stuttgart, Germany. Thank you.

Native American - Crow Dog


'Crow Dog' - 'Sunka Kangi', Brule Sioux Chief (1832-1918)

Prominent Brule leader in tribal affairs and in the Ghost Dance Movement. 'Crow Dog' is remembered for the killing of the famed Brule chief 'Spotted Tail' in August of 1881.  Photograph by John A Anderson 1898.  

Thank you Destiny in Belgium.

Totoro Movie Artwork, Germany


Artwork from the movie 'Totoro'. Thank you, Susanne in Borgodof, Germany.

Art - N Glukhov, Russia


I don't know the year this was painted but it's by an artist called N. Glukhov.  'The Church on the Spilled Blood' Oil on Canvas.  Thank you Nataly in St Petersburg, Russia.


Postcrossing Meetup, Krakow, Poland. 10.11.2018


This is a Postcrossing meetup in Krakow, Poland.  I'm going to have to do some searching to see what is involved with attending a meetup. I've received a few cards from atendee's over the years but haven't really any idea of what goes on at the meets.  

There are always several signitures on the cards and it's interesting to see all the names.  Some even have little rubber stamps made up with their names on to speed up the process.  I'm interested to see what is involved with gathering the names and how the process works.  

I'm not sure who to thank on this one as there are several names so thanks go to all who signed!

Shaped Ever & Ein Panda Map card, Taiwan


A shaped Ever & Ein's Panda map card  from Cherry in Taiwan. Thank you.

Winter Moomin Card, Finland



A Winter Moomin card with glittery snowflakes.  It comes from Tanja in Finland who tells me that in Winter everyone has lights in their garden to chase away the dark.  I do that too and my back garden is FULL of solar lights in all shapes, sizes, colours and styles.  Cheers me up every time I go out the back door when the sun goes down.

Ginger Haired Lady, Art Card, Russia


An art card from Russia.  I'm not sure who the artist is but she's on Instagram, the back says.  With hair like that the lady could be Scottish!  Cute shaped Beekeeper collecting honey stamp too.  Thank you Dasha

Christmas AD Card, Taiwan


I think this is an Ad card.  It's a Merry Christmas one with Santa and his reindeer though so I don't mind.  All the way from Wei Yi in Taiwan. Thank you.

Vintage card, Ogden Canyon, Utah, USA


A great vintage card showing Ogden Canyon, Utah.  Published by Souvenir Novelty Co in the first half of the 1900's.  Thank you Kat.


New York, Freedom Tower


A special card from Jenn for my US State Card Collection.  New York and a view of the new Freedom Tower that takes the place of the World Trade Center. 

Port Lockroy, Antarctica


A few years ago on the old forum (which is now the Legacy Forum) a lady postcrosser was travelling to Antarctica to study and offered to send cards out to other members while there.  I jumped at the chance!  To participate all I had to do was send the person a card from me plus send them whichever postcard (unwritten and blank) I'd like them to send back to me from their trip.  

I found this card for sale online and sent it off with my swap card as soon as it arrived.  After a few weeks I got it back, all stamped and postmarked and with a wonderful message on the back from the little animals at the station about their work with Santa!  Adorable.  

So happy to have this rare destination in my collection and thank you so much to the postcrossing swapper who sent it to me.

San Antonio, Texas. Multiview.


A great multi-view showing San Antonio.  Another lovely card for my US State Card Collection.  Texas has been filled!  Thank you Monica who goes to school in New York for my card.

Atlanta, Georgia. State Card Collection.


A Starry Night in Atlanta, Georgia's capital city,  It doesn't show in the picture but the sky is glitter!  Another one for my US State/Map/Flag collection. Thank you Asta

Montreal Stairways, Canada


Steps leading to apartments in Montreal sent by Karine.  

The back of the card says, "Les escaliers de Montreal / Montreal Stairways" "Rue St-Hubert en automne/St. Hubert Street in Autumn.  Thank you Karine.

UNESCO, Naarden, The Netherlands


This marvelous fortified town is Naarden in The Netherlands.  It has been included in the UNESCO site 'Dutch Water Defence Lines' since 2021.  I received this before that time and just thought it was a cool card.  Now, I think it's a cool UNESCO card!  Thank you Mildred who lives in Naarden.

New York, USA. Twin Towers World Trade Center.


A very special card in my collection.  A New York aeriel shot showing the Twin Towers World Trade Center before the tragedy. Thank you Stephen for my wonderful card.

Castle Neuschwanstein, Germany. Unesco Tentative List


An Autumnal card showing Castle Neuschwanstein in Germany.  The castle is on Unesco's Tentative List.  Thank you Helen.

Zadar, Croatia, Unesco Tentative List


I don't collect UNESCO Tentative cards (yet) but if/when I do I'll have one already waiting. This is Zadar, Croatia and it has been on the Tentative list since 2005, I believe.  Thank you Anim.

Missouri, USA


A lovely card for my US States Card Collection.  Thank you Amanda.


Nickname - The Show Me State

Cipital - Jefferson City

Entered the Union - August 10th 1821 (24th)

State Bird - Blue Bird

State Flower - Hawthorn


Tongariro National Park, New Zealand. Unesco


A very nice New Zealand UNESCO card of the site 'Tongariro National Park'.  I won't cound it towards my missing sites as it is not from country of origin but I'm still glad to have it. Thank you Marcella in Switzerland.

UNESCO Taos Pueblo, New Mexico. USA


A wonderful card for the New Mexico UNESCO site 'Taos Pueblo'. I'm so sad that it not only has suffered terrible treatment in the form of 'The Fold' from the 'Horrible Ex-Postman' but it has also been afflicted in several place by the White Scuff of Doom that the postal machines dish out.  Why is it always the special cards that fare the worst.  I'm still happy to have this card though and it has a place in my collection.   Thank you Carol in the USA.

California, USA - State Card Collection


Another nice postcard mangled by the Horrible Ex-Postman.  It's still a pretty card though and I'm glad to have it in my State Card Collection.   Thank you Del in Santa Ana, California.

UNESCO - Multiview of Alberobello Citta, Italy


This UNESCO Multiview shows the site 'The Trulli of Alberobello' in Italy.  I won't mark it off of my wishlist as it comes from Finland instead of Italy but it's still a nice card to have.   Thank you Paivi.
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